New: the glamourous BIO RAZA Selection Chardonnay from Argentina

This excellent Argentinian wine from our partner La Riojana, matured in French oak barrels, is a glamorous feast in itself. Master winemaker Rodolfo Griguol personally had a hand in this.

A harmonious white wine with hints of ripe fruit (peach), vanilla aromas thanks to the ageing in wooden barrels, and with a fresh touch. Delicious with creamy fish dishes, poultry and warm vegetarian dishes.

A team of connoisseurs, including Dirk Rodriguez (DM Magazine), Gido Van Imschoot (European champagne ambassador) and Marina Claus (wine bar Somm in Ghent) came, tasted and unanimously confirmed the exceptional quality.

A selection of their findings:

  • “One of the most harmonious wines.”
  • “Beautiful gastronomic wine.”
  • “Perfectly brilliant. Discrete fruity nose, supple and smooth. Melted and plump.”
  • “It’s an organic Chardonnay that sets itself apart. The barrel maturation is a great added value. The winemaker was also impressed.”

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