Coffee capsules: fair trade & organic

From now on, you can make a cup of state-of-the-art coffee at the push of a button. And it’s fair trade and organic to boot! As the Belgian pioneer in fair-trade coffee, Oxfam Fair Trade offers you coffees that are perfect at any time of day. At home and at work, when you have time to enjoy yourself or when you need a quick pick-me-up.

Oxfam coffee capsules for Nespresso

  • organic and fair trade-certified
  • 2 flavours: Espresso or Lungo
  • freshly roasted and ground coffee because we only produce small quantities at a time
  • industrially compostable capsules, responsibly packaged
  • compatible with every Nespresso machine

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Espresso coffee capsules: organic & fair trade

  • Origin: Bolivia, India, and Peru
  • Potent and full bodied
  • ROAST: 2 (medium) / STRENGTH: 4
  • Compact FSC cardboard box with 10 industrially compostable capsules

Lungo coffee capsules: organic & fair trade

  • Origin: Mexico, Bolivia and Peru
  • Round and fruity
  • ROAST: 2 (medium) / STRENGTH: 3
  • Compact FSC cardboard box with 10 industrially compostable capsules

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Sustainably packaged: biobased and compostable

Oxfam Fair Trade coffee capsules are made of 100% renewable, plant-based raw materials. The capsule, the seal, and, of course, the coffee itself can be processed into high-quality compost in 12 weeks at an industrial plant.

The capsules are completely airtight, so an FSC cardboard box is sufficient to guarantee the quality of the coffee.

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Your Oxfam Fair Trade guarantee:

Oxfam Fair Trade has been the best-selling fair trade coffee in Belgium since 1971. And not just because it’s so tasty:

African Blend Coffee Oxfam Fair Trade Congo

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