BIO sesame bar now with 70% sesame seeds

This crunchy snack now contains 70% organic sesame seeds. We deliberately chose the full flavour of sesame, and less sugar.

The classic recipe has been tweaked with extra sesame for a crunchy taste and 40% less sugar. This is the perfect solution to meet the demands from a growing number of consumers looking for sweet candy bars and healthier snacks.

The lower sugar content changes the shelf life to 20 months from the production date. The front of the new bars says ‘with 70% sesame’ in white letters against a red background.

As an added bonus we can now process more sesame seeds from our Egyptian partner Sakaran SDA. Sesame has been cultivated at the edge of the desert for thousands of years. The cooperative that Oxfam Fair Trade collaborates with grows organic sesame seeds in the Egyptian Faiyum Oasis. This oasis is nourished with water from the Nile. A nearby lake functions as a natural reservoir that provides the oasis with water during the dry season. Therefore the farmers of Sakaran are masters of irrigation, an Egyptian legacy!

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