10 reasons to choose fair trade coffee from Oxfam

Fair trade coffee is fair trade coffee. Or not? Does it matter if you order from Oxfam or somewhere else? You can count on the answer being yes. Here are 10 well-founded reasons why you should always choose fair trade from Oxfam from now on. In addition to our excellent quality, of course.

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1. Direct partnerships with the coffee farmers

We buy the unprocessed coffee directly from sustainable coffee cooperatives. They can count on our business year after year. We also support them in other areas, such as organising their cooperative or the transition to agro-ecological cultivation.

2. 50 years of expertise in the fair trade coffee business

So, also 50 years of positive impact for the coffee growers. Even before a certifying organisation was established in Belgium, Oxfam imported coffee from Tanzania under Fairtrade criteria. And it’s been one of the best selling fair trade brands in the country since then. As a pioneer, we also feel it’s our duty to continue to develop the market for fair trade coffee.

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3. Only coffee from sustainable, small-scale cultivation

All of Oxfam Fair Trade coffee is produced responsibly. The company’s primary goal is to give farmers worldwide a fair chance. These true partnerships have proven to be especially valuable in difficult (corona) times. And with respect for the planet, including coffee that is not yet certified organic. In a nutshell: sustainability is top priority, always and everywhere.

4. 2 out of 3 packages are bio

And by 2030, they all will be. Currently half of Oxfam Fair Trade products have the bio label. And for coffee, it’s already two-thirds.

5. Our packaging is becoming more sustainable

Taking the quality and freshness of our products into account, we are always looking for new ways to make our packaging more sustainable. More specifically: we opt for renewable raw materials and recyclable packaging materials. Our vacuum-packed coffee packaging no longer contains aluminium and the outer packaging is also plastic-free.

6. Oxfam Fair Trade has the higher purpose in mind

Behind the Oxfam Fair Trade cooperative is the NGO Oxfam-Wereldwinkels. We invest a large portion of our profits in crucial work that contributes to creating a fair world for all farmers. We keep our finger on the pulse of the coffee sector through our biannual Coffee barometer.

7. Innovation in fair trade

Certification of our products is certainly not the end of fair trade for Oxfam. Because we can always do better. This is why we have a leading voice in the debate on a living income for farmers worldwide and why we start initiatives to make businesses aware of their responsibility for human rights and the environment in their production chains.

8. More focus on the climate

While fair trade remains the core of Oxfam Fair Trade, we also continue our quest for other aspects of ‘sustainability’. Like our carbon footprint. By 2025, we want to be more than CO2 neutral. We minimise our emissions in Belgium and in our chains and compensate for the remainder.

9. You score SDG points

Transitioning to sustainable coffee is an easy first step to doing better in the area of corporate social responsibility. Buy Oxfam Fair Trade coffee and help the world reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

10. Correct prices and fair trade premium

That’s a no-brainer! Fair trade is our core business. So, of course we pay our coffee farmers the fair trade minimum price. Plus a fair trade premium to invest in their community, as per the Fairtrade certification criteria. They also often receive a quality premium and bio premium on top of that.

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