Listen up! Vegan inspiration with paired wines

Do you want to know more about eating vegan, but still have some questions? Or have you been living vegan for years, but still occasionally need new inspiration? Then Ticho’s Table by vegan food blogger Jonathan Beaton is your digital place to be. Ticho’s Table recently launched a podcast about veganism, for which we at Oxfam Fair Trade supply the vegan wines that are paired with the dishes.

The Oxfam Fair Trade vegan wines play a starring role in the section ‘Vegan w(h)ines with Jon and Val’ in the Ticho’s Table podcast. In each podcast episode, host Jonathan (Jon) Beaton and Chef Valentine (Val) Gallardo discuss a solution to an issue that every vegan will have to deal with sooner or later. And they prefer to do that with a good glass of wine. We are happy to serve them a selection of wines that do justice to this ‘food for thought’.

Assortiment vegan wijnen

Pour yourself a glass of vegan organic La Posada Malbec or Koopmanskloof Chenin Blanc and tune in to the podcast. Based on their experience, Jon and Val provide answers to questions such as ‘How does your relationship survive if you are vegan and your partner is not?’ and ‘How can you still enjoy a restaurant visit with your family if there are no vegan options on the menu?’

icon vegan

How do you recognise a vegan wine?

No animal raw materials are used in the production of vegan wine. So there is no gelatine, egg albumin, or milk casein in it. Our producers are replacing these with limestone or bentonite. You can also count on them not to use animals as tools. We label every vegan Oxfam Fair Trade product on the Oxfam Fair Trade website with a ‘plant’.

Satisfy your hunger for information about veganism

Jonathan also interviews a vegan expert in each episode. Thee Burger Dude (the ‘king of vegan junk food’), blogger and food photographer Romy London, and gynaecologist-health expert Dr Nitu Bajekal have already been featured.

“Nobody is too small to have an impact on the world,” according to the latter. In addition to climate-change reasons and animal-friendly arguments, she advocates for veganism from a health perspective, in particular. Thee Burger Dude is trying a different culinary approach and Romy London shares how she deals with friends and family who are not (yet) fans of vegan food.

In short, Ticho’s Table is an instructive podcast that helps you to deal with food consciously, whether you’re a devout vegan or just curious.

Listen to the podcast

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