Is your company serving fair trade?

Does your company, organisation or event find sustainable and socially responsible entrepreneurship important? Oxfam Fair Trade is happy to help.

Do you care about how products are made? Do you want to make it easier for your customers, employees and business contacts to consume in a more sustainable manner? Does your company or organisation want to be a role model in socially responsible entrepreneurship? We’re here to help. And you can rest assured: you’re serving quality products and you’re making a real contribution to a better world.

What can Oxfam Fair Trade do for you?

Coffee service 

A cup of freshly brewed fair trade coffee will help every employee start the day bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. In addition to high-quality coffee we also supply the coffee machine that best suits your organisation.

Business gifts

An Oxfam customer gift lets people know you care about sustainability. And that ‘s always greatly appreciated. An aperobox, a coffee package or Saint Nicholas chocolates to surprise your employees or associates? We can create a gift for every occasion, customised to suit both your budget and the gift receiver. 

On the menu in your shop

Do you prefer to work with high-quality ingredients from small-scale farmers? Then Oxfam Fair Trade is your partner for products you can’t source locally like rice, chocolate, coffee, etc. 

Catering & vending machines

Ten thousand peckish students or two hundred employees in need of a pick-me-up? Oxfam Fair Trade equips your kitchen and your vending machines.

Socially responsible entrepreneurship? Oxfam dots the i’s and crosses the t’s 

Choosing fair trade is an easy way for your organisation to support sustainable development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Sustainable Development Goals

By choosing Oxfam Fair Trade you:

  • consume sustainably
  • promote dignified labour and sustainable economic growth
  • help abolish inequality and hunger
  • take action for the climate

And on top of all that Oxfam Fair Trade is B Corp certified and on the fast track to acquiring ‘B Corp Best for the World’ status in 2025. Our goal: to stay top of the class when it comes to sustainable entrepreneurship.

They already chose Oxfam Fair Trade

  • Café with a long-term vision and client over 20 years
    The VIERNULVIER café in the Vooruit is halfway between the hall of a train station, a co-working space, a music café and a brasserie. There’s a va-et-vient of sorts and if there’s a buzz somewhere in Ghent, it’s in the café of the famous arts centre. We have a chat …
  • That’s why Bornem Municipality serves Oxfam coffee
    The local authorities in Bornem are always on the lookout for sustainable choices in everything they do. And of course fair trade is part of that. Oxfam coffee machines recently began brightening up the municipality’s break rooms and the cultural centre corridors. Mayor Kristof Joos explains this choice. Municipal employees …
  • Inetum-Realdolmen warms colleagues with sustainable gift package
    We can tell you how nice it is to surprise your employees and associates with a warm gift package. Or we can leave it to an enthusiastic customer. Fred Jonkers, manager Microsoft competence center at ICT company Inetum-Realdolmen, found time in his hyper-pressured schedule for a cordial Q&A. “A warm, …
  • Den Azalee and Oxfam: “Oxfam is of great value to us and they support our core message.”
    Sheltered workshop Den Azalee has been collaborating with Oxfam Fair Trade since 2009. The organisation has multiple sites and the employees and customers can enjoy delicious Oxfam coffee at all of them. “As a large company we can certainly recommend a collaboration with Oxfam Fair Trade”, says team leader Mady Verlaeckt.

Fair trade in your shop, company, board of directors, etc.

Thousands of companies, catering businesses, food shops, schools and retail shops are already convinced of the added value that Oxfam offers their customers and employees. So what are you waiting for?


If you value sustainability then serve your employees and customers Oxfam Fair Trade products. Treat your colleagues to our coffee, give your reception areas a little southern flavour or put fair trade on your restaurant’s menu.


Flanders already has more than 170 FairTradeMunicipalities. They resolutely choose an inclusive world and maintain a credible and tangible North-South policy. A FairTradeMunicipality offers their guests and employees fair trade products at their offices and buildings. 

Catering sector

Mindful consumers prefer fair trade. So fair coffee, wine and fruit juice should be on your menus too. Spoil your customers with the fair flavour of our products. Hundreds of bars, restaurants, hotels, B&Bs and even chip shops have already preceded you. 


A convention, a social gathering, a festival? Make a statement and serve fair trade drinks and snacks. Our sales representatives and volunteers are more than happy to help you find your way through all the possibilities. 


There are 200 wereldwinkels in Flanders where you can discover our entire range of fair food products. You can also find some of our products in more than 400 supermarkets, organic shops and other retail shops. Will you be joining them soon? 


Switch your school to fair trade. Serve fair drinks at parties, fair trade coffee in the teachers’ lounge and fill the vending machines with fair snacks. Or would you like to start a Wereldwinkel op School? Our school support department will help you get started. More than 150 schools already have their own wereldwinkel. 

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