More sustainable packaging for organic agave syrup

Making the switch to more sustainability within your company does not happen overnight. That is why we like to meet our customers’ needs in all areas: fair trade, organic, vegan, recycled … You will find everything under one roof at Oxfam Fair Trade. Discover the organic agave syrup because from now on it will be in new, eco-friendly packaging.

Sustainable means responsibly grown, packaged, and traded, all with respect for human rights and the environment.

We will support you in this and are therefore constantly looking for even more sustainable alternatives to our existing products. (*)

Next in line is the organic agave syrup. From now on, it comes in a user-friendly 100% PCR PET squeeze bottle. A real tongue twister, isn’t it? PCR stands for Post-Consumer Resin. The material of the bottle is 100% recycled and fully recyclable after use.

Thus closing the eco-friendly circle. You also get an extra 10 grams of agave syrup for the same price!

350gx12 art. 26012 is replaced by 360gx12 art. 26015

By the way, did you know that agave syrup, made from the juice of the Mexican blue agave, is a good alternative to sugar and doesn’t make your sugar levels spike? Delicious in a cup of tea, on pancakes, and in certain dishes. Try these toasts with cashew cream and marinated carrots!

Toastjes met cashewcrème en gemarineerde wortel

Want to know more about our switch to sustainable packaging?

Read how sustainability is at the heart of our purchasing decisions


(*) Do you have a sustainability tip? Let us know via the sustainability survey!

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