Choco drink wins silver medal at Radio 2’s Smaaktest

The Smaaktest inspector was really impressed with our cocoa powder. “Oxfam gets top scores in many areas!” Not just a favourite pick-me-up on a walk or boost during a long meeting, it’s also organic and fair trade.

Need a reset? Nothing beats a cup of hot chocolate. Or cold if that’s more to your liking. It’s a real pick-me-up, a burst of flavour that’s sure to have a ‘healing’ effect on mind and body.

“Oxfam gives you a whole lot of cocoa for your money.”

— Annick Verween, Smaaktest inspector

“Oxfam gets top scores in many areas”

In addition to traditional warm drinks like coffee and tea, you’ll also find BIO Choco drink in our assortment. Inspector Annick Verween from Radio 2’s Smaaktest was pleasantly surprised and awarded the powder with a silver medal plus a special mention:

“Oxfam gives you a whole lot of cocoa for your money. It’s a simple recipe: 25 % cocoa, 75 % cane sugar. That’s always a good sign. They’re also the only ones (editor’s note: of the brands tested) that use cane sugar. Moreover, the powder is both organic AND fair trade. Oxfam gets top scores in many areas!”

Chocolate milk with a twist?

Aztec nobility allowed the cocoa beans to ripen underground for six months before using them to make a delicious cocoa drink. You may not want to spend time on that for an after work drink, but doesn’t hot chocolate with rum sound simply heavenly? Ready in a jiffy!

Make the hot chocolate following the directions on the box, add about 20 ml of dark rum, and then … relaaax!

Oxfam Fair Trade BIO Chocodrink warme chocolademelk

Feeling tempted?

Order BIO Choco drink powder!

👉 Also available at Delhaize, Bio-Planet and, of course, the Oxfam-Wereldwinkels!


On the move? Take your choco drink along with you in a biodegradable cup.

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