Time for tea! Enjoy Oxfam tea at home and at work

Tea is a perfect pick-me-up during the working day. Oxfam Fair Trade’s handy tea box offers an organic assortment of 100 tea bags in four different flavours to charm any tea drinker. Choose from Organic Earl Grey, green tea, wild berry, or green tea with mint.

Some take coffee breaks, and others take time for tea. Tea is a mini mindfulness moment. And over the centuries, its popularity hasn’t diminished at all. The organic tea selection in this box has been grown with care for the environment and the tea producers. Oxfam Fair Trade is working on a sustainable tea sector, by working with small-scale farming cooperatives, paying them a fair price, and entering into long-term relationships, among other things. In addition, we also look after the biodiversity in the vicinity of the tea fields, which is why we opt for organic tea farmers. And all this translates into quality.

So a cup of Oxfam tea not only improves your (working) day, but also that of thousands of producers!

Still rather have a coffee?

As the Belgian pioneer in fair-trade coffee, Oxfam Fair Trade offers you coffees that are perfect at any time of day. Discover our coffee service.

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