Handel is een krachtige hefboom voor ontwikkeling, maar enkel wanneer producenten een eerlijke kans krijgen op de internationale markt. Daarom kiest Oxfam Fair Trade voor een structurele samenwerking met producenten. We noemen de producenten dan ook partners.

All our partners

Rebuild Women's Hope: a woman in a coffee field.

place Democratic Republic of the Congo

Rebuild Women’s Hope

  • Rebuild Women's Hope (RWH) is a coffee cooperation situated on Idjwi Island in Lake Kivu, Congo
  • Founded in 2013, partner since 2022
  • 70 % of its members are female
  • Commits very strongly to improving the position of women

place Zapopan, Mexico

Productos Selectos de Agave

  • sustainably run Mexican business, specialised in the production of agave syrup
  • processes the agave in its own factory
  • supplies certified-organic, fair-trade agave syrup directly to Oxfam

place Hainaut, Belgium

Brasserie des Légendes

  • family brewery in Ath, Belgium
  • grows the barley for its beers itself
  • brews Oxfam Fair Trade's JUSTE beers: a unique combination of fair trade and local
Colette Serulou en Marguerite Bouzie /  Bite To Fight, producteurs + chocolat; producenten met chocolade.

place Haut-Sassandra, Ivory Coast

CPR Canaan

  • Cocoa cooperative based in Daloa, Haut-Sassandra, Côte d'Ivoire
  • The cooperative consists of 9 sections with around 1,000 members
  • Plays a leading role in achieving Bite to Fight’s main goal: reach a living income

place Kivu, DR Congo


  • fast-growing cooperative of 12,000 small-scale coffee farmers
  • invests in quality and women's liberation
  • commits to agro-ecology as well as specialty coffee
  • sells organic arabica coffee to Oxfam

place Cauquenes, Valle del Maule, Chile


  • cooperative of 22 small-scale wine producers
  • defends the interests of winegrowers across all of Chile
  • sells its artisanal wine made from the authentic País grape directly to Oxfam

place Estelí, Nicaragua


  • federation of coffee cooperatives bringing together 2,692 farming families in Nicaragua
  • promotes organic cultivation, training and technical assistance for farmers and invests in social projects
  • supplies green coffee directly to Oxfam
red del vino Oxfam Fair Trade

place Colchagua, Chile

Red del Vino

  • the only cooperative of winegrowers in the Chilean wine region of Colchagua
  • ecotourism is another important source of income here
  • sells red and white wine directly to Oxfam

place Valle Central, Chile

Vinos Lautaro

  • cooperative of 22 small-scale winegrowers in Chile
  • makes its voice heard in the international debate on (fair) trade
  • has supplied Oxfam directly with red and white wine for over 20 years
Sol y café

place Jaén, Peru

Sol & Café

  • cooperative of 1,000 small-scale coffee farmers
  • records CO2 uptake by coffee plantations
  • sells organic arabica coffee directly to Oxfam
  • carries out various projects: from health care, education to sustainable farming techniques

place Stellenbosch, South Africa


  • launched the first ever fair-trade-certified wine in 2005
  • all producers are co-owners of the vineyards and the winery in South Africa
  • supplying Oxfam with wines of excellent value since 2008

place Kempen, Belgium

De Drie Wilgen

  • partner for Oxfam’s first 100% Belgian fair-trade product: apple juice
  • family company that works with Belgian fruit growers under the fairest conditions
  • Oxfam Fair Trade has been buying fresh apple juice from De Drie Wilgen since 2018

place Chilecito, La Rioja, Argentina

La Riojana

  • experienced wine cooperative that unites 500 winegrowers
  • earned itself a respected position in the extremely competitive Argentinian wine sector thanks to fair trade
  • Oxfam buys sparkling wine, white, red and rose wine directly from La Riojana

place Bukoba, Tanzania


  • unites over 100,000 families of coffee producers
  • umbrella organisation committed to organic certification of its member cooperatives
  • sells robusta and instant coffee directly to Oxfam

place Lao People's Democratic Republic


  • processes and sells ancient rice and tea varieties of exceptional quality
  • protects the diversity of tea and rice varieties by supporting farmers and exporting their products under fair-trade conditions
  • Oxfam purchases purple rice and loose (green and black) tea directly from LFP

place Sicily, Italy

Libera Terra

  • helps combat organised crime in Italy through artisanal production
  • unites agricultural cooperatives working on confiscated Mafia land
  • supplies Oxfam-Wereldwinkels with organic pastas, limoncello and products using sun-dried tomatoes

place Cordillera, Paraguay


  • cooperative of over 1,000 small-scale sugar cane farmers.
  • has complete oversight of its own production chain since 2014
  • sells its organic cane sugar directly to Oxfam
Maya Vinic

place Chiapas, Mexico

Maya Vinic

  • honey cooperative from San Cristóbal de las Casas in Mexico
  • produces quality honey amid its coffee plants
  • Oxfam buys organic blossom honey directly from Maya Vinic

place Cordillera, Paraguay


  • unites over 200 small-scale sugar cane growers in Paraguay
  • supplies Oxfam with cane sugar via the refinery of another fair trade cooperative and Oxfam partner
  • sells organic and fair-trade-certified rum directly to Oxfam

place South Kivu, DR Congo


  • coffee cooperative from South Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • founded in 2009, Oxfam partner since 2011
  • sells its certified-organic arabica coffee of exceptional quality directly to Oxfam
Norandino Peru

place Piura, Peru


  • cooperative of 6,000 small-scale coffee growers from Peru who also cultivate sugar cane and cacao
  • prepares the coffee for export in its own factory
  • Oxfam Fair Trade buys organic arabica coffee directly from Norandino
Parc al reef

place Palestinian territories

PARC – Al Reef

  • NGO (PARC) with commercial arm (Al Reef) that helps around 2,300 farming families in Palestine
  • invests in social projects and in the quality of end products
  • sells olive oil, couscous and dates directly to Oxfam

place Sarapiquí, Costa Rica


  • Costa Rican cooperative of yuca, coffee and banana farmers
  • committed to diversifying the farmers’ sources of income
  • welcomes tourists from across the world on its coffee tour

place Piaui, Brazil

Casa Apis

  • honey cooperative from a bone-dry and economically disadvantaged region of Brazil
  • produces quality, characterful blossom honey that’s fair-trade and organic
  • invests systematically in new beehives and modern processing facilities