BIO Green tea drink with passion fruit in new sustainable packaging

Our BIO green tea drink is becoming even greener, figuratively that is. From now on this refreshing thirst quencher comes in a bottle made from 30% recycled PET!

Sustainable, that means: cultivated, packaged and traded with respect for human rights and the environment. Next in line: BIO green tea drink.

We are striving to have 100% recycled PCR* PET but this is currently very difficult from a technical standpoint with a tea drink that must be hot when filling the bottles. This ‘hotfill’ is quite demanding when it comes to the packaging. Together with the manufacturer we searched for an environmentally-friendly version of the bottles without loss of quality, flavour or shelf-life.

More and more sustainable packages

This infusion of Fairtrade tastes just as exotic as before with a shelf-life of 15 months. To guarantee the packages strength the palletisation has been adapted to 6 layers of 31 bottles per pallet, 1 layer less than before. BIO rooibos tea drink with lime will follow in the spring of 2022. The bottles will again be 100% recyclable.

Learn more about our switch to sustainable packaging.

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