Good coffee is tailor made

Coffee farmers in the South grow coffee for Oxfam Fair trade on a small scale, in appropriate climatological circumstances and with great care for quality. You can really taste it if you optimize the aroma with one of our coffee machines.

We help you to choose the appropriate machine in your office. Together we will find the solution that fits your organisation to make the perfect coffee. Fresh brew, freeze-dried or bean coffee? Everything is possible!

New products

    Oxfam Fair Trade 28018

    Organic virgin olive oil

     10.71 excl. VAT
    Oxfam Fair Trade 24529

    Organic filled chocolate Easter eggs

     3.73 excl. VAT

    Chocolate sheep 3 x 25 g

     2.36 excl. VAT
    Oxfam Fair Trade 24642

    Easter eggs dark 4 x 30 g

     3.21 excl. VAT