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Oxfam Fair Trade

Oxfam Fair Trade is the fair trade pioneer that has been providing the conscious consumer with the tastiest fair trade products for years.rn

Why buy Oxfam Fair Trade?

By choosing Oxfam Fair Trade you are sure to contribute to fair trade and much more.

Our customers

They’re already convinced of our fair trade products. Discover why.

Our products

Discover our variety of fair products such as coffee, chocolate, snacks and wine.

Coffee service

Offer our coffee in your organization and rest assured that your employees will start the day in an excellent mood.


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Oxfam Fair Trade & durability

Oxfam Fair Trade is a sustainable organization in its core, and we are eager to stay on track of this positive evolution.

For example, we are in full transition to a fully organic range, we are working on more sustainable packaging, we want to be CO2-positive by the end of 2025 and we obtained the B Corp certification in 2021.

Where can you find our products?

In Belgium, you can find all our products in one of the many Oxfam-Wereldwinkels. Enter your postcode and we will take you to the shop closest to you.

In the supermarket

You can also find a part of our range of products in the supermarket.

Why choose for Oxfam Fair Trade?

Oxfam Fair Trade has more than 50 years of fair trade experience. And you can taste that.

  • Oxfam Fair Trade proves that different trade is possible
  • Oxfam Fair Trade has a direct link with its producers-partners
  • Oxfam Fair Trade is a sustainable and learning organization

Together with partners in the South

Unfair trade practices don’t offer chances to small-scale producers in the South to access the international market. Oxfam works mainly with cooperatives. By organizing themselves, small-scale producers reduce risks and can invest properly in their communities.

Oxfam Fair Trade resolutely chooses to maintain structural long-term relations with its partners. This equal partnership gives small-scale producers in the South the certainty to invest in their future.