Oxfam Fair Trade wine

Fair trade world wines are one of our assets. All fair trade wine from Oxfam Fair Trade comes from small-scale wine producers with whom we work on building strong, personal relationships every single day. We’ve known some of them for more than 20 years.

Our wine team selects a varied assortment of festive wines and fair trade wines to enjoy every day from Chile, Argentina and South Africa. Special Reservas and uncomplicated classics, all with an excellent price-quality ratio.

What makes wine fair trade?

Oxfam wines are Fairtrade-certified and come from professionals who work under good conditions, with knowledge of and passion for their work. We’ve been purchasing all our fair trade wine directly from our partners, and for a fair price since 1976.

What’s more, these wine producers also receive a fair trade premium. Exactly how they spend that premium is decided democratically. But they always invest in projects that benefit everyone: the growers, their families and sometimes even the entire region.

Oxfam also supports essential projects of its partners: improving ecological sustainability, switching to organic cultivation, emergency help when natural disasters occur, etc.

In short: by choosing fair trade wine you have an impact in many areas.

Example: wine cooperative La Riojana in Argentina

With the extra budget from fair trade sales La Riojana has already financed a water well, a secondary school and a community centre. La Riojana is now building a medical centre. A big step forward in an area where sick people must wait for the weekly arrival of the travelling doctor.

Oxfam’s fair trade partners: more than winegrowers

Each and every one of Oxfam’s wine partners is an ambassador for fair trade. You could even call some of them pioneers… and that’s no exaggeration!

Koopmanskloof in South Africa was the first producer in the world to produce Fairtrade-certified wine. The organisation is a role model for other wine producers and is committed to the economic empowerment of Black South Africans.

Sagrada Familia in Chile really sticks its neck out as a cooperative for all small-scale agriculture producers, not just their own members. Putting fair trade on the map has been an important goal for this Oxfam partner since 1997.

Capel, our Chilean pisco and sparkling wine producer, is the only cooperative in the pisco market and a role model for others. In addition to financial benefits Capel guarantees its members sales, a social safety net and administrative help.


Being a member of this cooperative is a lifestyle, it’s more than just financial or productive considerations.

Javier Marcos, Export Manager at Capel (Chile)

Oxfam wine: organic and vegan in addition to fair trade

1 in 3 Oxfam wines is currently certified organic. We’re striving to have a complete organic wine assortment by 2030; the RAZA line already is.

Why? Because organic grape cultivation and wine production are sustainable alternatives to the ubiquitous large-scale and monoculture production in the wine sector. Organic viticulture promotes biodiversity in the vineyard and avoids chemical products. And no artificial substances are used during the winemaking.

In addition to organic wines Oxfam Fair Trade also has a wide range of vegan wines. This means that no animals or animal products are used in the grape cultivation and vinification.

100% enjoyment and 0% worries.

Tested and approved by sommeliers

After the meticulous selection and examination by Oxfam’s own wine specialist we have every wine analysed in a certified external lab.

We share all the information we collect with our wine producers in Argentina, Chile and South Africa. The many years of sharing knowledge with them ensures that the quality of our fair trade wines just keeps getting better and better.

Independent wine critics, sommeliers and Test Aankoop confirm this.

 “Sensus extra brut is a fresh sparkling wine with hints of citrus and peach.”

Sommelier Dirk Rodriguez in De Morgen Magazine, 8/12/2021

Campesino chardonnay is a glossy, crystal-clear, pure straw-yellow wine. The first fragrance is very fine biscuit followed by ripe apple and candied pineapple. The flavour is surprisingly fresh, with even a grassy tone for a Chardonnay. You taste exotic fruits (white peach) and citrus fruit and zest as well as cinnamon and sweet vanilla. Astonishing fraîcheur.”

Sommelier Nico Van Rysselberge from vzw Sommeliers-Conseil, 9/2/2021

About RAZA malbec-shiraz: “Equal parts Shiraz and Malbec in this Argentinian wine greet us with violets and ripe, dark fruit with an exotic spicy salsa of vanilla, coconut and licorice.”

Sommelier Dirk Rodriguez in De Morgen Magazine, 8/12/2021

Discover all the Oxfam Fair Trade wines

Our in-house wine specialist selects wine for every occasion and for every meal: from classics like Chardonnay to unique monocépages such as país, to gems like Malbec Gran Reserva. The fair Oxfam Fair Trade quality is available for every budget, in small and large packaging.

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