Master beer sommelier Sofie Vanrafelghem reviews the JUSTE beers

Sofie Vanrafelghem, top beer sommelier, is probably best known for her weekly contributions to the weekend edition of the Flemish newspaper HLN. But abroad she is also a stout promotor of the barley water. As a sommelier she travels around the world and with her company, Sofie’s World, she advises shop keepers, restaurant owners, chefs, … in making adequate beer choices.

Sofie feels beer should not be lacking on a menu card. Like wine it combines perfectly with the most refined dishes. We were able to present Sofie with our JUSTE beers, and below you can read her straightforward findings.

Sofie was immediately full of commendation for the choice of brewery where JUSTE is produced. Brasserie des Légendes was given a thumbs up to begin with! She also praised the name of the beer and the design of its label.

She paid a visit to the Brasserie des Légendes itself, as the unique combination tickled her fancy: a traditional brewery collaborating with Oxfam to produce a beer from short supply chain material ànd fair trade ingredients from the South, is definitely worth a visit.

Apart from that she investigated the three JUSTE beers up close.

Sofie’s professional opinion

About the triple (JUSTE Tripel)

“The beer has a distinctly fruity nose, thanks to the yeast (esters*) with aromas of peach and apricot. Due to the addition of organic jasmine rice, the beer is quite refreshing, with a rather light and tight mouthfeel, which enhances its drinkability.”

Final evaluation? “Very positive! The favorite one.”

(*) Esters are organic compounds produced by yeast that give beer a sweet fruity aroma.

About the dark beer (JUSTE Brown)

“Enormously tight beer with a dry mouthfeel due to the use of jasmine rice. This makes it less accessible and slow to enjoy. You experience a touch of burnt caramel, with a pretty acidic aftertaste. You don’t taste any chocolate, but there is a beautiful malt character to be discovered. Pretty neat though, that the label mentions the use of organic cocoa nibs.”

Final evaluation? “An interesting and fairly complex beer.”

About the blond beer (JUSTE Blond)

“This blond beer is very refreshing and an easy drink. Here too you notice how the organic jasmine rice leads to a soft and light mouthfeel. A pleasant thirst quencher!”

On the Beer Festival of the Ghent Beer Society, which was held on Saturday August 17th 2019, Sofie promoted our beer. She made a short list of ten beers to taste … among which our JUSTE Blond. Read the article (in Dutch).

Do you want to learn more about beer? Then definitely check Sofie’s website:

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