In 1971 Oxfam bought its first coffee from Tanzania. It was the very first 100 % fair trade coffee in Belgium. By now, with its odd 50 years of experience – founded way before the national official Fair Trade Quality Label was installed – Oxfam is also the country’s best selling fair trade coffee.

Close to half a century ago, we became Belgium’s fair trade pioneer. Ever since, our selection of coffees is a number one hit. However, our story is not quite over, as our leadership position not only gives us lots of impact, we also care a lot!

Oxfam coffee on top of the charts. How did we get here?

As a Belgian fair trade pioneer Oxfam Fair Trade makes the difference

  • For the farmers: a fair price and a close collaboration in developing truly sustainable coffee farming. The Partnerfonds supports cooperations in terms of sustainabilization, management, market placement, …
  • For the consumers: (organic) fair trade coffee of supreme quality, at a competitive price and with a fully transparent chain of production.
  • For the environment: aiming for sustainable and climate-friendly farming techniques, converting to organic farming.

The greatest impact for coffee farmers

Our years of experience and our prominent leadership position have some extra positive things in store.

Dixit Nicolas Lambert, director of Fairtrade Belgium: “As a market leader (in fair trade coffee) it is only logical that we want to create the greatest impact for farmers as well. Moreover, it is the fair trade pioneer’s role to create awareness with consumers and thus further develop the market for fair trade coffee.”

What is our concrete impact for coffee farmers in the South? Allow us to illustrate this with numbers: between the years 2003 and 2019, we traded 6.600 tons of coffee beans, which is tantamount to 3.4 million dollars of fair trade premiums.

Conclusion: the more coffee is sold under fair trade conditions, the higher the income, the premium and therefore also the tangible impact for the farmers!

At Oxfam we like to see this impact grow exponentially. We keep a close watch on this and that is why:

  • we exclusively work with cooperations of small and vulnerable producers,
  • we purchase directly, our chain of production is entirely traceable,
  • we enter long term relations and purchase annually, as this creates a guaranteed income for the farmers,
  • we offer the possibility of pre-financing,
  • we pay a fair price: fair trade minimum price + organic premium + quality premium,
  • we actively focus on sustainable farming (organic and agro-ecology); 65 % of our coffee selection is organic!

Are you drinking Oxfam coffee at work yet?

Do you feel like spoiling your customers and employees and at the same time making an honest and righteous first impression? Offering a cup of fair trade coffee will already get you halfway there.

From the appropriate coffee machine, to the handy 1 kg packages: it’s that easy to serve Oxfam coffee at work from now on. The matching fair trade chocolate and sugar are the cherry on top.

Explore our coffee service

Years of experience are so tasty!

Of course those decennia of fair trade bring about outstanding quality, closely scrutinized, amongst other by an in-house coffee expert.

The result? A wide selection of 250 gram and 1 kilogram coffee, varying from organic single origin, over mild blends, to tasty organic decaf coffee.

Coffee in capsules

Coffee in beans

Ground coffee