New eco-friendly jacket for our coffee: aluminium-free foil and a cardboard bulk packaging

The vaccuum packs of coffee (250 g) may still look the same, but from now on they are wrapped in an aluminium-free foil and their bulk packaging (12 x 250 g) consists of cardboard.

For Oxfam Fair Trade this is another step forward in the process of making all packaging more sustainable. It also fits within the general sustainability targets, on which we constantly focus together with our suppliers.

kartonnen ompak koffie
aluminium vrije verpakking deca koffie 1
aluminium vrije verpakking deca koffie bovenaanzicht

What changes to the packaging are we talking about?

  • The new inner film is recycable plastic foil made out of LPDE: Low Density Polyethylene.
  • The cardboard bulk packaging replaces the plastic shrink film
  • Plastic, paper and cardboard are 100 % recycable (*)

Which coffee packages are involved?

The following coffee packagings will already receive an environmentally friendly upgrade! In the near future this will be applied to the entire coffee range.

(*) Depending on your area of residence and the applied recycling restrictions regarding plastics. Ask for information at your local city council. For the time being, we therefore chose to omit the recycle-logo on the package.

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