At Oxfam Fair Trade we have been fairtrade coffee specialists since many years. If you offer our coffee in your organisation, you can be assured that your employees will start the day in an excellent mood. And your visitors will be impressed.

Quality in your coffee cup starts with a good origin product. But Oxfam is doing even more. We support producers to improve the quality of the coffee they grow. Therefore, our coffee grader follows closely every step in the tasting process.

Coffee farmers in the South grow coffee for Oxfam Fair trade on a small scale, in appropriate climatological circumstances and with great care for quality. You can really taste it if you optimize the aroma with one of our coffee machines.

The perfect machine for a perfect coffee

Our sales managers will help you to choose the appropriate machine in your office, school or refectory. You have the option to buy, hire or use the machine on loan. Together we will find the solution that fits your organisation to make the perfect coffee.

Ask for your price offer

Our coffee machine installation service is limited to Belgian territory. We do send our coffee across borders, contact us for a price enquiry.

Our coffee selection