Organic and fair trade: a winning combo for your business

Nothing makes a client feel more welcome than a nice cup of coffee. Likewise, it’s these little gestures that can make your employees feel appreciated in the workplace. A well chosen drinks and snacks selection is also central to any event or reception. Suffice it to say that the refreshments and snacks you offer your guests and employees can say a lot about your organisation. By choosing organic products you can show that you take sustainability seriously. And Oxfam Fair Trade is happy to help you in this area.

A cornucopia of choice, both organic and fair trade

Did you know that half of Oxfam Fair Trade products are also certified organic? Even with the products that only carry a fair trade label, a great deal of focus is placed on ecological cultivation. Respect for the environment is one of the fundamental pillars of fair trade, after all.

All Oxfam Fair Trade producers are conscientious in their use of water and energy and avoid the use of chemical products. They strive to maintain a healthy topsoil and work to combat erosion.
Oxfam Fair Trade itself undertakes initiatives to look beyond its fair nose. For example, we’re currently transitioning to the use of eco-friendly packaging.

“We can always count on Oxfam for fast and excellent service. This makes staying true to our sustainable approach a piece of cake.”

– Koen Honoré, purchasing and logistics manager for Groep Intro

In short, organic and fair trade together make for a winning combo. A combo you’ll discover in all our product categories:

  • Two out of three packs of Oxfam coffee carry an organic label. We can even set you up with a quality hot drinks machine for your company. There’s a reason we’ve been the Belgian market leader in fair trade coffee for almost 50 years now.
  • We’ve also got the tea drinkers covered. In fact, all Oxfam Fair Trade tea is organic!
  • Fancy a piece of organic chocolate with your tea or coffee? Or a whole bar? Perhaps a tasteful box of pralines could make the perfect business gift. Choose from our selection of 18 different kinds of organic chocolate.
  • You’ll probably want to offer some chilled refreshments, too. Well, you’re in luck: all our soft drinks are organic as well. Just like our organic biscuits and cereal bars, they’re perfect for stocking vending machines and company canteens.
  • Our assortment of organic wines grows year on year. Our Argentinian wine partner La Riojana is especially committed to this. Their wines consistently garner praise from reviewers and will no doubt please your business connections, too.
  • It’s easy to put together a business gift from Oxfam Fair Trade according to your needs and wishes. A great opportunity to score brownie points with your eco-conscious customers and employees.

Our clients find Oxfam Fair Trade products an easy way to introduce more sustainability into their operation. From sustainable business gifts, to coffee for the break room and fair trade wine for their receptions, they know they can count on us.

Why choose organic for your company?

Nine out of ten Belgians buy organic products from time to time. Which goes to show you’re bound to make a good impression on most people when you treat them to a selection or organic drinks and snacks. But that’s not the only reason to choose organic, of course.

You’ll be moving towards a more sustainable operation

As a business you want to contribute to society. But how? Transitioning to sustainable coffee or fair trade business gifts is an easy first step.

It’s an instant boost in terms of corporate social responsibility. By choosing Oxfam Fair Trade products for your business, you’ll be helping the world to achieve its ecological and economic Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


You’ll be supporting organic farmers

More is paid for organically grown products, all over the world. In this way, organic certification helps farmers to earn a decent income.

What’s more, an eco-friendly approach offers farmers better protection against the consequences of climate change. Organic crops are naturally better equipped to cope with draught, excessive rain, crop diseases and plagues of insects.

The requirements and costs of organic certification can sometimes weigh heavily on the small-scale producers Oxfam Fair Trade works with. Still, they remain fully committed, knowing that organic is the future.

You’ll be supporting a ground-up approach

Every little bit helps in the battle against climate change. But if we don’t tackle the causes, it’s like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic: a futile exercise. Oxfam Fair Trade is the cooperative company of the NGO Oxfam-Wereldwinkels vzw. By choosing our products you’ll be supporting an organisation whose approach addresses the bigger picture.

Want to find out more about our organic assortment?

Contact our representatives to find out more about our organic assortment or to go ahead and place an order today.

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