New: organic fair trade decaf coffee beans

Introducing the newcomer to our 1 kilo coffee range: a fair trade organic decaf coffee, supplied in bean form to ensure excellent, fresh aroma retention – because decaf coffee drinkers also desire quality coffee. A very particular combination of delicious decaf coffee beans that are both organic and fair trade.

This coffee completes the 1 kilo range, and the pack size makes it an appropriate choice for businesses. This range also includes espresso coffee (beans), organic highland coffee (ground or beans) and dessert coffee (fine- or coarse-ground or beans). We now offer an exhaustive range of fair trade coffee.

  • Origin: Peru, Honduras and Uganda
  • Produced by small-scale coffee farmers
  • Mild body and fruity aroma: all the goodness of espresso coffee, free of caffeine
  • ‘Washed Arabica’: the coffee berries are pulped, washed and dried at a central washing station. This carefully controlled processing method results in a uniform, beautifully balanced coffee.
  • Decaffeinated according to the CO2 method, 100% organic
  • Certified organic
  • Certified Fairtrade
  • Roasting grade: light
  • Brewing methods: filter and espresso

Oxfam decaf coffee: a delicious flavour without adverse health effects

This organic, fair trade, decaf coffee is made from at least 90% Arabica beans. It’s balanced in flavour, with a mild body and a fruity aroma: a tasty espresso, free of caffeine.

To extract the caffeine from the coffee beans, Oxfam Fair Trade avoids the use of chemicals. Instead, we apply the CO2-method, which is 100% organic and therefore healthier. How does this work? The unroasted beans are immersed in water. As a result, they swell and the caffeine component in the beans becomes ‘mobile’. The caffeine is then dissolved under high pressure and at low temperature using carbon dioxide (CO2). Finally, the beans are dried, causing the carbon dioxide to evaporate.

Decaffeinating the beans does not affect the taste: the coffee remains wonderfully aromatic and of high-quality.

Making a difference – this is how Oxfam Fair Trade does it

Oxfam coffee offers you a guarantee of direct, fair trade. And by choosing our coffee you make an immediate contribution to this.

  • We buy directly from our cooperatives, not from plantations, and enter into a long-term relationship with our partners. This implies a better income guarantee and better growth opportunities for the farmer.
  • In addition to the fair trade minimum price and premium, the partner also receives an organic and quality premium.
  • Coffee expertise: we execute our own quality control and provide feedback to the coffee cooperatives.
  • Pre-financing opportunities: if necessary, up to 60% is paid in advance to the cooperative, enabling it to buy its members’ crop at a decent price.

Like to taste or order this (or any other) coffee from our range?

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