Already serving fair trade coffee and fruit juice? Go all-in on sustainability with compostable cups.

At Oxfam Fair Trade our commitment to a sustainable world is not limited to the fair trade label alone. We also strive for organic and are working towards more eco-friendly packaging. One way to step up your organisation’s commitment to sustainability is to opt for reusable cups and glasses. Not always practical? Then our compostable cups are the next best solution.

The search for responsible disposables

Our drinks, produced with the greatest care, are best appreciated when drunk from a proper glass or cup. But however much you strive for sustainability, you may still encounter some practical roadblocks. For situations like these, Oxfam Fair Trade has got your back.

Together with the specialist company BioPack, based in West Flanders, we went in search of the most sustainable disposable solution. With their green colour and Oxfam Fair Trade logo, our robust and compostable cups clearly communicate your organisation’s focus on fair and eco-friendly solutions.

Choose compostable

Introducing our compostable cups:

  • suitable for both hot and cold drinks
  • produced in Europe, which is rare when it comes to disposable cups
  • CO2 neutral
  • made of (FSC-certified) cardboard from responsibly managed forests
  • plastic-free, with a coating based on cornstarch (PLA)

In short, these cups are made of 100% renewable, plant-based raw materials that are replenished within a year. This makes them industrially compostable (in accordance with the European EN13432 norm).

In a properly calibrated industrial installation, they can be turned into quality compost in 12 weeks. If you use a very large amount of Oxfam cups, you can have these collected for composting by a private company. For small-scale use, the cups can currently go in your paper waste bins. The Belgian refuse processing infrastructure is not quite ready for them to go straight into organic waste bins.

However, it still makes a significant difference to opt for cups that can be composted. By using these cups instead of non-compostable cups we can create demand for the necessary processing plants. Furthermore, the fact that these cups are CO2-neutral means they don’t emit any toxic compounds, even when they are burnt.

A big step forward compared with conventional disposable cups!

Ready to make the shift to compostable cups?

Prefer reusable cups?

Then we recommend you explore the possibilities of the Billie Cup. The people behind these handy returnable cups will have a suitable solution for your company, institution, hospitality business or event.

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