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Norandino Peru
placePiura, Peru


  • cooperative of 6,000 small-scale coffee growers from Peru who also cultivate sugar cane and cacao
  • prepares the coffee for export in its own factory
  • Oxfam Fair Trade buys organic arabica coffee directly from Norandino
Peru Peru

Fair-trade coffee from Peru, processed by the farmers themselves

The majority of Peruvian coffee – 70% to be precise – comes from Northern Peru, the region of Oxfam partner Norandino. Cooperatives of small coffee farmers produce around 30 to 40% of that.

The thriving Norandino cooperative succeeded in building their own processing plant. This is completely in the hands of its members. The coffee factory is ideally located, near the export harbour of Paita. What’s more, it has sufficient capacity to also allow other cooperatives in the region (such as Oxfam partner Sol Y Café) to ready their coffee for export.

Income from multiple sources

Since its founding in 1995, Norandino has recognised the importance of income diversification. The cooperative ensures that its farmers are not solely dependent on coffee cultivation.

In addition to coffee, they also grow cacao (info in Dutch) and cane for muscovado sugar. These two crops have gained in importance over the years. Thanks to the great efforts of Norandino’s professional management, its farmers can now export these products too.

Maintaining high and consistent quality are Norandino’s main areas of focus. In addition to this, we try to ensure that our members are not solely dependent on coffee cultivation.

Santiago Paz Lopez, Founder of Norandino

Norandino & Oxfam

  • Norandino has been supplying Oxfam with quality, fair-trade coffee since 1999, which ends up in our organic blends. Norandino’s coffee is also in our organic Peru blend, of course, as well as our organic chocolate with coffee.
  • In early 2017, and again in 2023, the hills surrounding Piura were struck by extremely heavy rainfall, leading to the failure of many Norandino producers’ coffee crops. Oxfam-Wereldwinkels raised money via its Partner Fund (info in Dutch) to be able to provide the coffee producers with urgent aid (info in Dutch).