Organic Highland coffee ground

 3.16 excl. VAT

An arabica coffee that respects people and environment. A strong coffee with a mild aftertaste and a refined aroma. Minimum 90% arabica.

Muungano (Democratic Republic of the Congo), Ankole CPCU (Uganda), Comsa (Honduras), Norandino (Peru), Sol y Café (Peru)

Maintaining high and consistent quality are Norandino’s main areas of focus. In addition to this, we try to ensure that our members are not solely dependent on coffee cultivation.

Net content 250 g
Fairtrade share 100 %
Ingredients coffee*°
This product contains no notifiable allergens
May contain traces of no notifiable allergens

* ingredient from a fair trade relationship
° ingredient from organic agriculture

Weight 0.260 kg
Dimensions 46 × 81 × 152 mm
Organic certification (EU)

Fair trade certification (FLO-CERT)