Bioblikjes apple-ginger en bio cola.

Making easy peasy lemon(ade) squeezy mocktails and cocktail

Ready for summer? Surprise your guests with an organic, fair and fresh drink. Set the bar high with Oxfam Fair Trade lemonade, cola, iced tea and apple-ginger soft drinks. Refreshing sodas for every foodie, organically grown without polluting pesticides and with respect for the people who make them. Organic, fresh …

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Join the fight for fair (Easter) chocolate

Put on your bunny ears and let your teeth sink into our organic or Bite to Fight chocolate for Easter. Fighting for a living income for cocoa producers has never tasted so good. Necessary fight Everyone has noticed: life suddenly became a lot more expensive. Luckily, most of us were …

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Café with a long-term vision and client over 20 years

The VIERNULVIER café in the Vooruit is halfway between the hall of a train station, a co-working space, a music café and a brasserie. There’s a va-et-vient of sorts and if there’s a buzz somewhere in Ghent, it’s in the café of the famous arts centre. We have a chat …

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Oxfam double-checks: say goodbye to tough choices

Ever found yourself in a store looking for a product that is ecologically packaged, preferably organic, and if possible also fair trade? Often it is one or the other and sometimes you doubt whether it is really sustainable. With Oxfam’s products, you don’t have to choose or doubt, because we …

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Win-win with Saint Nicholas. Delicious chocolate with fair cocoa!

Saint Nicholas chocolates you can enjoy to the fullest. Because: it’s of the best quality, made according to Belgian tradition… and fair trade. You’ll be doing yourself, your colleagues, and our cocoa partners a great favour. Those who’ve been good get fair-trade chocolate. Because Saint Nicholas not only loves ‘goodies’; …

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Sustainability report in a nutshell

Looking for more sustainable business practices? More and more businesses are committed to doing their bit for people and the planet. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) confirm that fair trade is an important path to a more sustainable world. Here you can read how Oxfam Fair Trade helps you …

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What’s your favourite coffee?

Colours and flavours may be obvious but when it comes to coffee a few words of explanation about colour and flavour sure come in handy. Because what does ‘lightly roasted’ mean exactly? What is ‘acidic’ and what do we mean with ‘fruity’ on the package? How do you make the …

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Sappen oxfam fair trade, world shake, appelsap, sinaasappelsap

Oxfam Fair Trade juices: what’s new in 2022?

There are some changes just around the corner for our Fair Trade juice assortment. Our bottler filled the last bottles of juice in 1L and 20cl returnable glass in December 2021. We went in search of a solution so we could continue supplying the juices to our customers. And those …

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BIO sesame bar now with 70% sesame seeds

This crunchy snack now contains 70% organic sesame seeds. We deliberately chose the full flavour of sesame, and less sugar. The classic recipe has been tweaked with extra sesame for a crunchy taste and 40% less sugar. This is the perfect solution to meet the demands from a growing number …

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New: BIO Dark Roast, thé fair option for strong coffee lovers

Do you need a really strong cup of coffee to wake you up in the morning? Or is that delicious strong flavour simply divine with your favourite chocolate? Whatever the reason, Oxfam Fair Trade’s BIO Dark Roast is the solution. Our master coffee roaster describes this organic, dark roasted coffee …

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BIO Green tea drink with passion fruit in new sustainable packaging

Our BIO green tea drink is becoming even greener, figuratively that is. From now on this refreshing thirst quencher comes in a bottle made from 30% recycled PET! Sustainable, that means: cultivated, packaged and traded with respect for human rights and the environment. Next in line: BIO green tea drink. …

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Why higher coffee prices can be a good thing

Some alarming stories have been published the past few months about increasing coffee prices. What is it really about? Who profits from it? And who suffers? Will prices increase for coffee drinkers? We turn to Oxfam’s coffee expert Stefaan Calmeyn for answers. The verdict: yes, Oxfam coffee will become more …

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That’s why Bornem Municipality serves Oxfam coffee

The local authorities in Bornem are always on the lookout for sustainable choices in everything they do. And of course fair trade is part of that. Oxfam coffee machines recently began brightening up the municipality’s break rooms and the cultural centre corridors. Mayor Kristof Joos explains this choice. Municipal employees …

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New coffee packaging puts Oxfam’s production partners in the spotlight

Have you gotten a glimpse of our organic Highland coffee’s new outfit yet? Then you probably noticed the coffee producer from Congo grinning from ear to ear. Our producers are the stars of the new packaging line. And it’s so much easier now to find all the info about each …

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Over to our man in the field: Tayoro sinks his teeth in

In 2019, we launched the collaboration with Ivory Coast cocoa cooperative CPR Canaan. The product from this collaboration is the Bite to Fight chocolate range. We pay an extra premium directly to the farmers for the cocoa in these bars. Julien Tayoro (30) is our very own field agent: he …

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