Bite to Fight (for a fair income)

With every bite of Bite to Fight chocolate you contribute to a better future for the cocoa farmers and their families.

Oxfam launched a collaborative project with the cocoa cooperative CPR-Canaan in Ivory Coast to realize a living income for cocoa farmers. The product of this collaboration is our ‘Bite to Fight’ chocolate. 

Cocoa producers from the Ivory Coast, a country that belongs to the world’s top for cocoa production, earn over two-thirds too little to have a living income. A living income covers the costs of daily essentials such as rent, food, education, health and it also provides a nest egg. Every family needs one once in a while. 

Bite to Fight makes the difference for these producers. With every bite of Bite to Fight chocolate you contribute to a better future for the cocoa farmers and their families. In addition, you support a volunteer movement that fights for a fully sustainable cocoa sector through actions, campaigns and policy work. 

We pay cocoa farmers more 

Together we bridge the gap to a living income by entering into a long-term partnership with the producers. Oxfam pays a much higher price above the fair trade price. The farmers invest this income in sustainable cultivation techniques, in other crops (besides cocoa) to diversify their income and in measurements to ensure gender equality. 

We challenge the chocolate sector 

With the Bite to Fight project we are setting a good example ourselves and we hope that food multinationals will follow suit. That’s the goal. To inspire everyone, we share our experiences with other companies and farmers. 

Within the framework of Beyond Chocolate, we are already encouraging the Belgian chocolate sector to make the same efforts and to ensure that by 2030 all Belgian chocolate is sustainable and guarantees a living income for cocoa farmers. 

Sink your teeth into the fight for fair chocolate 

Bite to Fight chocolate stands for: 

  • a commitment to guide farmers in earning a living income
  • a dignified life for the farmer and his family
  • consistent education for children (instead of helping on the plantation)
  • sustainable agriculture, without deforestation
  • a program that promotes women’s emancipation
  • a transparent organization that sets the (chocolate) bar as high as possible 
  • high-quality chocolate, with progressive ambitions as an example for the rest of the sector
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