Ivory Coast Ivory Coast
Colette Serulou en Marguerite Bouzie /  Bite To Fight, producteurs + chocolat; producenten met chocolade.
placeHaut-Sassandra, Ivory Coast

CPR Canaan

  • Cocoa cooperative based in Daloa, Haut-Sassandra, Côte d'Ivoire
  • The cooperative consists of 9 sections with around 1,000 members
  • Plays a leading role in achieving Bite to Fight’s main goal: reach a living income
Ivory Coast Ivory Coast

Fair Trade chocolate, living income included

The global cocoa sector is dominated by just a handful of companies who get most of the benefits generated by the industry. Meanwhile, cocoa farmers still cannot earn a living income (info in Dutch).  

Oxfam is working with CPR Canaan on sustainable solutions to address these income inequalities. This lead to the launch of the ‘Bite to Fight’ project

CPR Canaan & Oxfam

The reality for cocoa farmers in Côte d’Ivoire is particularly harsh. On the one hand, without the cocoa farmers, the chocolate multi-billion-dollar industry would not exist and farmers also represent the backbone of the Ivorian economy. On the other hand, they are left totally at the mercy of market forces, they often do not own the land they cultivate and do not earn enough money to live a dignified life. The ‘Bite to Fight’ project wants to erase those inequalities. Its main goal is to achieve the fundamental human right every person has to live a dignified life. That means we pay better prices, offer tailor-made framing solutions to improve production, strengthen the position of female farmers on the market, particularly exposed to poverty, etc.  

  • Oxfam’s Bite to Fight project aims to bridge the gap to a living income. This cooperative receives an extra, flexible Oxfam premium for its cocoa. On top of the Fairtrade minimum price and premium. CPR Canaan also invests its premiums in sustainable projects that benefit the entire community, like the renovation of schools, the development of other sources of income and sustainable agricultural techniques. 
  • CPR Canaan is a project partner who shares best practices with other sections of the Cooperative.  

Since 2016, CPR Canaan has supplied the cocoa for all our fair trade chocolate from Côte d’Ivoire and for our chocolate spread.