• union of 23 cooperatives joining forces to export their own cacao and cashew nuts from Ivory Coast
  • supports 11,000 members in sustainable agricultural techniques, professional management and social investments
  • Oxfam’s partner in the fight for a living wage for cacao farmers
« The cacao industry can only be sustainable if the farmers have negotiating power. And that's only possible in solidarity. Farmers must be able to climb the production chain, so to speak. ECOOKIM seeks to be a model organisation to show the industry what is possible. »

— Ecookim, Ivory Coast

Fair-trade cacao, living wage included

In an international commercial chain where a handful of multinationals retain most of the control, it’s impossible for individual cacao farmers to earn a living wage (info in Dutch).

Oxfam is working on sustainable solutions to break this vicious circle. It has found a reliable partner in ECOOKIM (Enterprise Co-opérative Kimbè) from Ivory Coast.

Tackling problems together

ECOOKIM believes in the power of collaboration to escape this downward spiral. It unifies 23 cooperatives, actively supports their members and exports their fair-trade cacao for a fair price.

  • Because the farmers can collectively bring a large amount of cacao beans to market, the companies have started taking the matter of whom they do business with very seriously.
  • ECOOKIM supports its members very closely, collecting extensive details about the producers. This information is combined with the cartographic material and other knowledge.
  • The farmers can rely on ECOOKIM in matters relating to production, social investments (schools, water pumps, female emancipation, etc.) as well as environmental topics (the transition to organic, forest protection, and so on).

Inspiring example

It is presently unique in Ivory Coast for so many cooperatives to work together so intensively. Generally, the strongest players in the cacao industry try to sow disunity among the farmers by keeping the prices low.

However, this union – the first of its kind – is drawing in more and more cooperatives. ECOOKIM is in turn inspiring the formation of other cooperatives with the goal of exporting cacao collectively. A promising development!

Ecookim & Oxfam

  • Since 2016, ECOOKIM has supplied the cacao for all our Ivorian chocolate and for our chocolate spread. We also buy our cashew nuts from them.
  • Canaan, a small member cooperative of ECOOKIM, is central to Oxfam’s Bite to Fight project (info in Dutch), intended to bridge the gap to a living wage (info in Dutch). This cooperative receives an additional, flexible Oxfam premium on top of the minimum fair trade price and premium. It is committed to investing in sustainable, future-focused interventions.

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