Inetum-Realdolmen warms colleagues with sustainable gift package

We can tell you how nice it is to surprise your employees and associates with a warm gift package. Or we can leave it to an enthusiastic customer. Fred Jonkers, manager Microsoft competence center at ICT company Inetum-Realdolmen, found time in his hyper-pressured schedule for a cordial Q&A.
“A warm, flexible and professional collaboration,” said Fred. Ready to be inspired?

Why did Inetum-Realdolmen choose Oxfam Fair Trade?

We were looking for a partner who could handle a considerable logistical challenge and who makes a meaningful contribution to something like a better world (think global, act local). After all, we wanted to do more than just drop a box of groceries on our employees’ doorsteps, so the Oxfam stamp immediately made it a ‘warmer’ Christmas package.

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What was in the package?

We opted for a drinks package, with something for everyone. It contained several beers (with a matching glass), wine, and some bubbly, as well as the typical World Shop fruit juices and world shakes, complemented with some chocolates, and lastly, an assortment of crisps and nuts to nibble on while chatting.

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How was it received by your employees?

They were truly pleasantly surprised; that’s the least we can say. In ‘normal’ times, we invariably invite all our colleagues over for a cosy holiday drink at Christmas (last year, we even had cosy Christmas bierstubes built on the car parks of our largest branches), but this year we had unfortunately already resigned ourselves to the fact that getting together would not be possible. The replacement online meeting was in everyone’s agenda, but the unannounced Oxfam package immediately gave the whole thing a much more pleasant ambience (first of all, the surprise in itself, but certainly also the fact that we could share and enjoy together).

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How was the cooperation with Oxfam in processing your order?

Warm, flexible, and proactive. Inetum-Realdolmen is quite a big company but we value a family culture, and we liked this about Oxfam very much. Because we had made it quite challenging for ourselves in terms of timing and so on, it helped that we could, for example, count on a whole range of delivery options. In the end, we used couriers for people who lived the farthest, but many packages were delivered by Oxfam volunteers (sometimes on environment-friendly bicycles!) and we ourselves were also able/encouraged to lend a hand, so that we can truly speak of a joint effort.

So all’s well that ends well for your end of year moment!

A 100% turnout was never achievable in our Christmas beer stubes, but with this Oxfam gift package, we reached everyone at once.

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