Koopmanskloof pinotage: “superb winter wine” according to sommelier Sepideh Sedaghatnia

For Het Laatste Nieuws top sommelier Sepideh Sedaghatnia tasted 25 wines recently in promotion at Carrefour. She described our South African fair trade pinotage from Koopmanskloof as “really nice”. And promptly gave it a score of 4 out of 5!

“The somewhat thicker tears along the inside of the wine glass give away the slightly higher alcohol content. The nose is slightly sweeter and sultrier with aromas of vanilla, cinnamon and ripe black fruit together with a hint of cocoa. Really nice, a somewhat sweeter nose for autumn. This wine is also soft and pleasant on the palate: the chocolate and cherry come to the foreground, accompanied by hints of plum and black pepper. The soft, ripe tannins and medium finish make this a superb winter wine.”

– Sepideh Sedaghatnia in Het Laatste Nieuws, 19 September 2020

Sepideh beoordeelt Koopmanskloof Pinotage
topsommelier Sepideh Sedaghatnia

Pioneer in fair trade wine

Koopmanskloof always delivers high quality. But that is just one of the reasons why Oxfam has been collaborating with this producer from the renowned South African Stellenbosch wine region since 2008. Manager Rydal Jefta is also one of the pioneers who put fair trade wine on the map worldwide.

Koopmanskloof is certified by two certification organisations (FLOCERT and IMO Fair For Life) but their sights are set far beyond fair trade. Their ambition is to become a role model in sustainable development in the South African wine industry. 

One of our white Koopmanskloof wines also received great reviews.

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