Koopmanskloof chenin blanc: “impressive for the price”

As the traditional wine festivals begin in the supermarkets, you’ll also find reviews of some of those wines here and there. And guess what? The chenin blanc from our South African fair trade partner Koopmanskloof has tickled the taste buds of many wine connoisseurs. Read their fair review here!

Top at the wine festivals

With a score of 87% the reviewers from DM.Vino (De Morgen newspaper’s wine supplement) gave the Koopmanskloof chenin blanc a place in the ‘Vinotop of the wine festivals’. In a nutshell they say this is one of the best wines you can get during the autumn promotions at the supermarket.

Dirk Rodriguez

“A surprisingly dry chenin with a mineral nose of wet pebbles and a hint of apricot. Fine texture (straight rather than fat), well-rounded, slightly bitter finish. Best served with shellfish, sea fish and salads.” – DM.Vino, 25 September 2020

DM Vino Koopmanskloof chenin blanc krijgt 87 op 100

The panel members who gave this high score and wrote these inspiring words are not just anyone. In addition to prominent wine connoisseurs such as Baudouin Haveaux and Dirk Rodriguez, the internationally renowned Master of Wine Pedro Ballesteros also tasted the wines in this guide.

Impressive price-quality relationship

Read just how enthusiastic top sommelier Sepideh Sedaghatnia is about the Koopmanskloof chenin blanc in Het Laatste Nieuws. She gives the South African gem 4 out of 5. And this analysis:

Sepideh vind koopmanskloof chenin blanc indrukwekkend

“Apricots and white nectarines surface in the nose, while hints of wood, smokiness, lactic butter and vanilla can also be detected – there seems to have been some barrel ageing. Sensuous, balanced layers of citrus, melon and apricot emerge on the palate, accompanied by a fine acidity and succulence. Quite impressive at this affordable price.” – Het Laatste Nieuws, 19 September 2020

Pioneer in fair trade wine

That this wine from the South African Oxfam partner Koopmanskloof is such a hit, just like their pinotage by the way, is certainly no coincidence. The company from the Stellenbosch wine region has had a laser-sharp focus on quality for many years. This has resulted in nominations and awards in both national and international wine competitions.

This pioneer in fair trade wine picks the grapes by hand and they make the wine themselves. The company controls the entire production process, so they are not only able to offer their employees better conditions, they also get a share of the profits.

One of our white Koopmanskloof wines also received great reviews

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