Now organic: RAZA pinot gris

Fair trade and organic are like peas in a pod. That’s why we and our producers are always seeking to make our products organic where possible. Our Argentinian wine partner La Riojana shares this mindset. This cooperative has had a focus on organic winemaking for over 20 years. And from now on their RAZA pinot gris is also organic, too.

If you were already a fan of the RAZA pinot gris, your enthusiasm will no doubt grow thanks to its new credentials. You’ll recognise it as the same characteristically vibrant, fruity wine, made from 100% pinot gris grapes. And you will enjoy exactly the same for its delicate, floral aromas and refreshing notes of apple, pineapple and citrus. From now on organic and fair trade. It’s as delicious as it’s always been as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to curries, creamy pastas, fish and poultry.

Quality wine supplied by quality producers

The Argentinian wine cooperative La Riojana has been supplying Oxfam Fair Trade with characterful fair-trade wines for decades. With their 80 years (!) of experience, this successful cooperative has earned a mark of respect in the highly competitive wine industry, both in its home country and beyond. Time and again, the oenologists of La Riojana succeed in making prize-winning wines by maintaining high quality standards at every link of the production chain.

The cooperative actively helps its winegrowers in the switch to organic methods of cultivation. Although the costs and the high demands of organic certification can quickly mount up, La Riojana is striving to double its organically-certified growing area. Oxfam Fair Trade supports La Riojana in this. So, by choosing Oxfam wine, you’re giving these winegrowers a direct boost.

In just a few months the RAZA Malbec Gran Reserva from La Riojana will also be certified organic. Which will make all their RAZA wines organic, in addition to fair trade. Together with our Argentinian partner we’ll be one step closer to offering a range that’s 100% organic. We’re putting the beautiful theory into practice, one step at a time!

Curious to know more about our organic selection?

Our representatives will be happy to inform you.

Who are La Riojana?

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