Organic Oxfam wines in the picture

Simonne Wellekens highlighted some organic Oxfam wines in De Standaard Magazine of 11/01/2020, including two new bottles from our partner La Riojana that are currently en route to our warehouses.

Simonne Wellekens

Organic Ecologica Torrontés Brut 2019 ***(*)

“Wine is one of the Oxfam-Wereldwinkels’ prime products. Chile is the main provider, followed by Argentina and recently South Africa: fair quality straight from the South.

Oxfam Fair Trade buys this sparkling wine made of the local torrontes grape at La Riojana‘s, a cooperation in the dry North West of Argentina where few crops grow.

The new ‘organic’ sparkling wine is a refreshing aperitif with a light yellow-gold hue and a continuous string of fine pearls. Scents of white flowers alternate with subtle aromas of peach, ripe apple and citrus peel. A pure pleasure in the taste: fruity, fresh, elegant and juicy, dry enough and with a fine length. An outstanding starter.”

Organic RAZA Selection Chardonnay 2018 ****

“Another newcomer in the La Riojana range is this chardonnay ripened in French oak barrels. Wine maker Rodolfo Griguol and his team clearly focus on high quality wines for exportation. He is gradually converting to organic farming. By 2025 La Riojana wants to be 100% fair trade and 100% organically certified.

The fresh light straw-yellow colour sparkles in the glass. Aromatically intense: floral, tropical fruit, peach, pineapple, vanilla, a little smoke and zest. The taste is pure and refined, harmonious and well typed. The perfectly integrated oak tones, the charming style, the delicate semi-sweetness, its elegance and good acids on top turn this chardonnay into an excellent version to go with sauced fish dishes.”

Organic Lautaro Cabernet Sauvignon Gran Reserva 2014 ****

“One of the Chileans partners at Oxfam Fair Trade is the small cooperation Sagrada Familia. 22 farmer from the Lontué valley in Central Chile became grape farmers and wine exporters. Two of its members have more remote and organically certified vineyards.

The gran reserva which refers to an 18 months barrel ripening, has a beautiful cherry-red colour with a slightly subdued rim. Cedar, sweet cherry, pepper and graphite make up the bouquet that you immediately relate to Cabernet.

In the mouth this is followed by a powerful and solid filling with round tannins in the mid-palate and some clove and licorice in the finish. A tasty, balanced wine with a light alcohol peak in the length. An excellent wine to go with winter stews.”

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