Cola met ananas mocktail

Exotic cola


An ice cold Oxfam Fair Trade coke with a slice of lemon or lime, it can’t get any better, right? Yes it does! Give your coke an exotic touch with pineapple and lime. But always on the rocks, of course.

All ingredients

8 persons +
  • water 500 ml
  • pinapple 100 g
  • lime 3 stuks
  • ice cubes 5 stuks
  • organic coke * 450 ml
* available at Oxfam-Wereldwinkels

Let's get started

  1. Take the fresh pineapple and remove the peel. Remove the hard core and cut into pieces. Little time? Canned pineapple or pineapple juice will do as well, but our preference goes miles to fresh pineapple.

  2. Blend the pineapple pieces in the blender. Keep a few aside for garnish if necessary.

  3. Add the water and blend together with the pineapple in the blender.

  4. Fill 8 glasses with ice cubes. Divide the pineapple juice between the glasses.

  5. Top off the chilled pineapple juice with coke.

  6. Squeeze 2 limes or lemons. Keep a few slices for garnish.

  7. Divide the lime juice between the glasses. Stir everything well. Taste. Too sweet? More lemon. Too sour? More cola!

    And garnish!

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