Nasser Donato Amaya Gomez , president van cooperatie Coarene - Honduras

Due Diligence at Oxfam Fair Trade

At Oxfam Fair Trade, offering fair food products that respect people and the planet is central.

We put people and the planet first

Oxfam has been fighting for a duty of care law for years. A somewhat dusty term, but it covers the ground. It is the duty of companies to care for the planet and the people living on it. No impunity. What specifically is meant by it? Companies must demonstrate that they ensure that human rights and the environment are respected throughout their value chain.

Oxfam Fair Trade engages. How are we doing in relation to these human rights and environmental laws? How is our Human Rights and Environmental Due Diligence (HREDD)? Since transparent communication is an important part of HREDD, it makes sense that we publish our engagement statement. What are we already doing today, where are we falling short and what will we do to improve?

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