Groep Intro stands behind Oxfam coffee: “We can always count on Oxfam for fast and excellent service”.

Koen Honoré is the purchasing and logistics manager for Groep Intro, a service enterprise committed to the vision of an inclusive society. Groep Intro has been a happy customer of Oxfam Fair Trade for its coffee (among other products) since 2018. We asked them how they found their way to Oxfam and what their experience has been with our products, particularly Oxfam’s coffee.

The search for fair-trade coffee

Some time ago, Groep Intro’s General Director, Vicky Coryn, expressed the desire to switch to fair-trade coffee. Koen, as their buyer, began to ask around. That’s how he came upon Oxfam.

It’s a delicious, quality coffee! We’re really happy with it. And our companies are a great match. We’re very much sympathetic to Oxfam’s causes. At Groep Intro we also strive towards greater equality and an inclusive society where there is room and respect for everyone. We often work with vulnerable young people.

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Realising SDGs

Groep Intro is a value-driven enterprise, proactively following the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). When choosing their partners they always take these into account. Their collaboration with Oxfam Fair Trade contributes to the realisation of these SDGs, including with regard to responsible consumption and production (SDG 12), reduced inequalities (SDG 10) and decent work and economic growth (SDG 8).

Oxfam works closely with its trade partners and can consequently trace every coffee bean in its chain. This was an important factor in our choice of supplier.

Fast and excellent service

Koen goes on to confirm that the match between Groep Intro and Oxfam extends beyond the companies’ shared DNA.

Our choice to go with Oxfam also has to do with our philosophy regarding small-scale and local businesses. The fact is, Groep Intro has no fewer than 50 locations across Flanders. As such, our local partner-in-coffee had to be quick in their delivery. We can always count on Oxfam for fast and excellent service. This makes staying true to our sustainable approach a piece of cake.

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