AZ Jan Portaels hospital in Vilvoorde has a huge surprise for its healthcare personnel

In these challenging corona days the hospital management of AZ Jan Portaels Vilvoorde felt that its health care personnel was in for a tangible ‘thank you’. They opted for a fair gift package and placed an order for a whopping 800 gift boxes at Oxfam. These were prepared and delivered in less than a week.

800 gift boxes in one week

“Logistically speaking, processing the order was quite a feat”, says Magda, volunteer at an Oxfam-Wereldwinkel shop in Vilvoorde. In the back of the shop it was all hands on deck. Of course all social distancing regulations had to be respected as well, so they filled the gift boxes in shifts. The Oxfam Fair Trade Head Office mobilized all forces too. The corona measures may have reduced staff occupation, but that obviously did not reduce the organization’s capacity for delivering results. “Hats off”, Magda says. “My colleagues at Costumer Services and the Warehouse team have been of a tremendous help in the swift delivery of 8.000 products.”

Thanking staff with gift boxes

With the gift boxes the AZ Jan Portaels Hospital is not only thanking its health care personnel. The order is also a welcome support to the producers, nearby and far away, who take care of our drink and food on a daily basis.

Would you also like to buy gift boxes?

Does this inspiring gesture warm your heart? Feel like your personnel is in for a treat too? Then we would love to hear from you!

Because even in times of crisis, we can honestly say: we deliver.

Disclaimer: Our gift delivery service is limited to Belgian territory. All our fair products and gift boxes can be shipped, provided certain conditions are met. Contact us for a tailor-made offer.

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