Hearts of palm

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Cooked in salted water heart of palm tastes like asparagus. This exotic delicacy is often served in salads, on top of pizzas or served hot, topped with melted cheese.

Apropal (Peru)
Net content 410 g
Fairtrade share 100 %
Ingredients palm hearts*, water, salt, citric acid
This product contains no notifiable allergens
May contain traces of no notifiable allergens

* ingredient from a fair trade relationship

Energy 107 kJ (= 26 kcal)
Fat 0,1 g
of which saturates 0,1 g
Carbohydrate 3,1 g
of which sugars 2,8 g
of which stars 0,3 g
Fibre 2,6 g
Protein 1,8 g
Salt 1,100 g
Weight 0.640 kg
Dimensions 85 × 85 × 105 mm
Organic certification (EU)

Fair trade certification (FLO-CERT)