Organic muscovado cane sugar

 5.61 excl. VAT

Complete organic cane sugar, a natural and complete nutrient, locally produced and packed.


Today our group is in the Fair Trade circuit, and we negociate the sugar price with Altertrade. This price remains valid for an entire year. It guarantees a more stable income than before.

Net content 1 kg
Fairtrade share 100 %
This product contains no notifiable allergens
May contain traces of no notifiable allergens
Energy 1690 kJ (= 404 kcal)
Fat 0 g
of which saturates 0 g
Carbohydrate 99,0 g
of which sugars 99,0 g
Protein 0,4 g
Salt 0,015 g
Weight 1.040 kg
Dimensions 105 × 70 × 220 mm
Organic certification (EU)

Fair trade certification (FLO-CERT)