Organic Ethiopia coffee ground

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This world-famous single origin coffee, an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, is exceptional thanks to its pungent and spicy taste with a fruity touch. Worldwide Yirgacheffe is recognised as one of the best coffee varieties. The soft flavours are brought to the surface by its light roasting. 100% arabica.

Oromia (Ethiopia)
Net content 250 g
Fairtrade share 100 %
Fair trade certification (FLO-CERT) Yes
Organic certification (EU) Yes
Ingredients coffee*°
This product contains no notifiable allergens
May contain traces of no notifiable allergens

* ingredient from a fair trade relationship
° ingredient from organic agriculture

Weight 0.278 kg
Dimensions 50 x 90 x 160 mm

Oxfam Fair Trade

Organic certification (EU)


Fair trade certification (FLO-CERT)