Fair holidays paired with fair wines

Celebrating the holidays wouldn’t be the same without good wine. Red and full-bodied, fresh and fruity, sparkling and seductive. But above all: fair and high quality.

Oxfam wines are fair trade, of course. And thanks to their quality, they also win awards! Both wine connoisseurs and consumer watchdog Test Aankoop agree. Our many years of experience and our long-term relationships with our partners are added quality guarantees.

Discover our selection for tasteful and fair holidays here:

A red, Argentinean gem

This full-bodied and fruity wine comes from Argentina, land of master grillers, and goes perfectly with, you guessed it, grilled dishes. Moreover, Simonne Wellekens, sommelier for De Standaard, awarded the wine with 5 stars!

Chilean white-red

A Chilean duo, the first one dry and full, a perfect partner for chicken and fish. Came out as the winner in a comparative test with other white wines from the region by Test Aankoop (more info: test-aankoop.be). The second one, robust and spicy, is delicious with rich dishes such as (veggie) stew or a smooth curry.

South African duo

From the heart of South Africa. A fresh and fruity white wine, delicious with seafood and salads, and a fruity and supple Shiraz that pairs wonderfully with game.

When you’re looking for something out of the ordinary …

 This Gran Reserva is a full-bodied, rich wine with balanced tannins and a long, mild aftertaste. A complex palate of black fruit, woody notes (vanilla) and green herbs (thyme, laurel, oregano) unfolds in the nose.

Delicious with spicy dishes!

Review from the sommelier (Dirk Rodriguez in DM Magazine, 16/11/2019): “Thoughtfully made Malbec that still looks perfectly young in the glass, although it is four years old. Leather notes, violets, and after swirling blueberry. On the tongue, it is creamy and deep. Long finish with mineral notes. A festive wine that lets the whole world join the celebration.”


The perfect aperitif!

An intensely aromatic sparkling wine made with Pedro Ximenez grapes, according to the Charmat method. You will discover citrus and mineral notes and a refreshing yet dry aftertaste. The perfect aperitif. Also goes well with seafood and fish. Serve cool (6-9°C).

Then we have the fresh brut rosé sparkling wine with an elegant purple-pink colour, made from Pedro Ximenez and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. This creates a pure nose of red fruit with floral (violets) and even mineral notes. Slightly plump in the mouth, with very fruity notes of cherry and strawberry, and a harmonious aftertaste. Delicious as an aperitif and with fruity desserts.

Everybody’s gonna want a … JUSTE beer

More and more often (gastronomic) dishes are paired with beer. The three varieties of JUSTE (blond, triple and brown) are perfect with or in dishes. Thanks to the striking packaging, the three JUSTE beers are also a perfect gift! They were awarded with silver and bronze at the World Beer Awards 2019.

This high-quality Belgian beer is brewed in the east of Belgium with naturally grown barley and hops, which are mainly locally produced. In addition to that: a handful of fair ingredients from the South. No GMOs or artificial additives, completely vegan. Unique in its kind.

Looking for some more inspiration for your own fair festivities? For everything from gift ideas to a full menu with drink suggestions: follow this link! (Dutch only)

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