A safe coffee corner in corona days? A couple of tips!

After having spent such a long time at home, isn’t it bliss to be able to have that chat again with your colleagues round the coffee machine? But how do you organize a safe coffee break? Here are a couple of tips for employers and employees!

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Tips for employers

  1. Start the coffee machines correctly. The machine has not been working for a while, so be kind and patient with it. Have a look in the manual. Running out of coffee on the first post-lockdown work day does not seem like the ideal scenario to us!
  2. Run the rinsing and cleaning program. Do not give bacteria a chance and clean the parts thoroughly. Especially the ones that come into contact with milk.
  3. For the best cup after a long standstill: add fresh coffee (beans).
  4. Disinfect the control buttons at the exterior of the machine.
  5. Put some alcohol hand gel next to the machine, so that every employee can disinfect the keyboard or the buttons before using them.
  6. Mark a 1.5 m zone round the coffee machine with tape on the floor. This is your ”safe & fair coffee zone”.
  7. And what about biscuits and sweets? Washing your hands is the solution, unless you go for individually wrapped sugar sticks, chocolates etc. Have a look here for all mono packagings.

Tips for employees

  1. Bring your own coffee mug and wash it yourself after drinking.
  2. Avoid contact between your fingers and the touch screen. In order to indicate your choice on the coffee machine you can use:
    1. the back of your own pen or a pencil with an eraser, which you disinfect afterwards.
    2. a tissue wrapped round your finger and thrown away afterwards.
  3. Sugar? Biscuit? No problem, but wash or disinfect your hands before taking one out of the box. And touching = eating!
  4. Wash your hands! Sing Happy Birthday twice, in order to be sure you have been washing them long enough. If you cannot wash your hands with water and soap, carry an alcohol hand gel in your purse.

Enjoy your fair coffee break!

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