JUSTE, a beer with local and fair trade ingredients

Would you like to enjoy a beer all the while supporting the short supply chain and fair trade, both locally and globally? Sure! So how do you do it? Oxfam Fair Trade has developed a unique beer made with local and fair trade ingredients from our global partners. Fair trade and short-chain, all in one bottle.

JUSTE is the product of a marriage between Belgian craftsmanship and fair trade-certified ingredients from the global south: naturally grown Belgian barley and hop*, hints of organic jasmine rice, cocoa and quinoa.

JUSTE is also vegan-friendly and 100% natural: its effervescence – hence the characteristic foamy head! – is achieved by refermentation in the bottle. It contains no GMOs, added colours or preservatives.

* The hops are at least 50% Belgian in origin. The barley is mainly grown in Belgium, sometimes supplemented with German barley.

Solar panels on the roof, office heating with energy recovered from the brewery, local groundwater pumping – everything is ‘JUSTE’ as it should be.

The unique story behind JUSTE

The JUSTE story begins in the fields of the family farm of our partner and master brewer Pierre Delcoigne. In these fields Pierre, with an occasional helping hand from his father, grows barley in the traditional manner. Old varieties are used which require no pesticides. A few kilometres away we find Pierre’s brewery and bottling plant, Brasserie des Légendes, tucked away in a picturesque village in the area of Ath.

The groundwater from this area, which is low in nitrates and rich in minerals such as calcium and magnesium, is ideal for brewing speciality beers, and this is the place of origin of the three types of JUSTE: blond, triple and brown.

In addition, the brewery is run according to a sustainability strategy and takes active measures to limit its ecological footprint. Solar panels on the roof, office heating with energy recovered from the brewery, local groundwater pumping – everything is ‘JUSTE’ as it should be.

Add a handful of fair trade and organic ingredients to the mix, and you end up with a truly unique and fair trade beer.

  • JUSTE Blond contains organic jasmine rice from Thailand, resulting in a slightly bitter and refreshing beer.
  • JUSTE Brown combines the best of Belgium in one bottle: chocolate and beer! Velvety and full-flavoured, with organic cocoa nibs from Peru.
  • JUSTE Tripel is a powerful tripel with fresh citrus notes, containing organic quinoa from Bolivia.

JUSTE really is just the right beer!

Belgians are rightly proud of their beer culture and JUSTE is a magnificent new addition: an honest Belgian beer with global touches. Full-flavoured, fresh, light, powerful … there’s something for everyone.

But that’s not all! JUSTE is more than just an eminently drinkable beer: you will also be supporting our global partners. By choosing JUSTE you will once again help boost our impact in the fight for an international, fair and sustainable trade model … including at home. In short, what’s not to like?


Each beer is available in both individual bottles as handy 4-packs. We also provide an accompanying glass, to take your JUSTE experience all the way! Contact us for a personal quotation.

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