There are different kinds of Fair Trade. That is why we will answer frequently asked questions here. Why is Oxfam’s Trade the fairest trade?

About fair trade

What is fair trade in fact?

Fair Trade is a type of trade that pays special attention to the producers of raw materials or goods. Fair trade guarantees them a minimum price that enables them to earn a decent wage. Very often these products are certified by official control bodies.

How does Oxfam look at fair trade?

In most companies making profit is an important aim for investors. Oxfam looks at it in a different way. We aim to help producers to build a decent livelihood. We denounce unfair trade mechanisms and assist the farmers in marketing their products.

Does a fairtrade farmer always earn more?

Not necessarily. The last few years, the fairtrade minimum price has often not been higher than the market price . Yet, farmers united in cooperatives are able to benefit from the fairtrade premium their organisation receives. Besides this, working together with Oxfam has many other advantages: producers organisations can count on long-term relations, they get support in the search for customers in Europe, we share our experience in reinforcing cooperatives worldwide, etc. The price as such is not the only criterion for the impact of fair trade.

Does Oxfam work with a ‘fair chain’?

For Oxfam a ‘fair chain’ is an essential part of fair trade. If producers succeed in processing their raw materials into finished products, they will earn more added value for themselves. In this case, they are not only suppliers of a raw material, but they also get a bigger share of the market. That is why we try to create as much as possible added value in the South. For example by bottling wine in Chile or by packaging tea in bags in Laos.

Why would you choose Oxfam coffee?

Coffee can only be grown in a tropical climate. Worldwide people want to drink their daily cup of black gold. However, coffee farmers can keep their head above water. That is what keeps us going. With over 45 years’ of expertise in authentic fair trade , thorough academic knowledge of the global trade rules and a direct relation with farmers growing crops in a sustainable and small-scale way, we have the tools to make all trade fair.

About our products

How do I order?

Do you consider offering fair trade products in your company? Contact our salesteam. They’ll inform you about our sales conditions and how orders can be made. Already familiar with us? Jump ahead and download our order sheet.

Do all Oxfam products carry the Fairtrade label?

Most of them do. The (ingredients of) products branded Oxfam Fair Trade are certified by FLO-Cert, IMO Fair for Life or Ecocert ESR. In some cases certification is not possible because there is simply no certification standard for some raw materials. Also, for beginning producers organisations the certification cost is hard to finance. In this case a specialised commission of Oxfam is profoundly screening and monitoring the producers’ organisation.

Are fairtrade products more expensive than non-fairtrade products?

It is a misunderstanding that fairtrade products are generally more expensive than en non-fairtrade products. A whole range of products (e.g. coffee) the Oxfam Fair Trade price is comparable to other A-brands In some cases our price is a little higher than the competitor’s product. The reason is that fairtrade product sneed to undergo all kinds of checks that have a cost, and because they are produced in smaller volumes. So: the more fair trade you order, the sooner the prices may go down…