Organic chocolate pralines

 6.56 excl. VAT

This box contains 16 traditional pralines. A selection of 4 absolutely delicious tastes: Caramel Brésilienne, Brut de noir, Mocha and Milk pistachio. The ideal gift for anyone who likes chocolate.

Sopacdi (Democratic Republic of the Congo), Promabio (Madagascar), KCU (Tanzania), Gumutindo (Uganda), Conacado (Dominican Republic), Comsa (Honduras), Acopagro (Peru), CAC Oro Verde (Peru)

Comsa is committed to intensive but carefully considered production that’s both economical and eco-friendly. We seek to be a pioneer in many areas.

Net content 160 g
Fairtrade share 81 %
Ingredients cane sugar*°, cocoa mass*°, cocoa butter*°, whole MILK powder°, HAZELNUT°, cocoa powder*°, ALMONDS*°, fresh CREAM°, anhydrous MILK fat°, coffee*°, PISTACHE°, cocoa nibs*°, glucose syrup°, salt, water, vanilla*°
This product contains milk, nuts
May contain traces of soybeans

* ingredient from a fair trade relationship
° ingredient from organic agriculture

Energy 2283 kJ (= 546 kcal)
Fat 37,7 g
of which saturates 20,0 g
of which mono-unsaturates 10,7 g
of which poly-unsaturates 7,0 g
Carbohydrate 43,5 g
of which sugars 41,3 g
of which stars 2,2 g
Fibre 3,3 g
Protein 7,2 g
Salt 0,120 g
Weight 0.190 kg
Dimensions 170 × 170 × 30 mm
Organic certification (EU)

Fair trade certification (FLO-CERT)