No link between recalled sesame seeds in Europe and Oxfam Fair Trade sesame products

A few weeks ago, there was a major recall in Europe of sesame (products) from India which could contain residues of the toxic ethylene oxide. We received worried messages from some of our customers asking if there might be links to our sesame seeds; fortunately, the answer is: no.

Our organic & fair-trade sesame seeds (processed in sesame snack bars, sesame paste, and sesame crackers from Oxfam Fair Trade) come from Sakaran Society Development Association, a group of small Fairtrade-certified organic farmers in the Egyptian Al Fayoum region. Because our sesame seed is already organic, no chemicals are used during the cultivation and processing of the raw material.

Just to be on the safe side, and at the request of some concerned customers, we have still had an analysis done, which confirms that our sesame seed does not contain ethylene oxide.

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