Promotions for Fair Trade Week (7-17 October 2020)

Hooray! Fair Trade Week is upon us once again and, as the saying goes, fair is fair. That’s why we’re giving back to our customers. Contact us before 25/09 to avail of our unbeatable special offers on your favourite Oxfam products!

Special offers tailored to your company

Week van de Fair Trade promotie

Display this comic for your co-workers

Perhaps you’re planning your own fair-trade campaign to encourage everyone to enjoy a fair-trade chocolate bar, coffee or lunch more often? And perhaps you could use some fun materials? Let us know about your campaign and win a fair-trade extra to celebrate your fair-trade week (or year, even)!

Download this free comic to hang up and display at the canteen, by the coffee machine…

Join the celebration on social media

Inspire others by sharing your fair-trade story on social media with the hashtag #FairTradeWeek. Follow us on LinkedIn for more inspiring campaigns, tips and downloads.

Of course, you can enjoy this fair trade goodness all year round. Wherever and whenever you like: at home, at work or any reception or party, big or small. Discover our whole range of products.

And enjoy a fair break!

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