Organic cane sugar in a new, sustainable packaging

Oxfam Fair Trade’s organic cane sugar now comes in a bio-based Tetra Pak instead of a classic plastic bag.

Tetra Paks are easy to use, take up little space and protect their contents from light and air. It’s no coincidence that these cartons are everywhere, especially as packaging for drinks. Moreover, they are the champion of recycling: in Belgium, 97% of Tetra Paks are recycled.

From now on it will be a plastic-free, handy eco-pack, made of more than 94% renewable, plant-based materials. Moreover, an independent life cycle analysis shows that the new packaging generates 28% less CO2 emissions than the old one.

Enjoyed the sugar? The bio-based packaging goes into the PMD bag together with plastic waste, because it is 100% recyclable. This icon can also be found on the packaging.

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