A fair cut

Sipping an Oxfam wine while your hair is being done for the party? It is possible in the hairdresser’s parlour of Frederik & Dana.

On an ordinary day you can also take a cup of coffee with a cookie, a tea or a juice.

“For us it is self-evident to pour fair drinks. Choosing for Fair Trade is a small effort with big results. This is what I notice when reading the stories behind the Oxfam products. I am a great believer. And many people in our neighbourhood share our opinion.”

“Among our customers we count many fans of Oxfam worldshops: recently a little girl spontaneously asked for a glass of Worldshake. (laughing) I hear that you also have delicious sparkling wine. We are likely to treat our customers with a glass of bubbles for Christmas…”

— Frederik Willems, Kwaffeur

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De Wullok Blankenberge

Youth hostels also choose for Oxfam Fair Trade!

The “Wullok” in Blankenberge teams up with Oxfam Fair Trade. If you spend the night in this bed-and-breakfast, you will definitely enjoy the Oxfam coffee in the morning!

Fair library

"Our library opens its doors for students looking for a spot to study. We welcome them with a gift basket containing Oxfam Fair Trade juice, a sesame bar, a FAIR magazine and a flyer about upcoming Oxfam actions."