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Onze producenten in het Zuiden hebben een naam en maken deel uit van een coöperatie, een gemeenschap met een verhaal. Op onze verpakkingen laten we de producent aan het woord en geven we hem een gezicht.

Maak kennis met Marnia, José en Gabriel. Zij vertellen je waarom Oxfam Fair Trade voor hen het verschil maakt. Klik op een foto, en lees hun verhaal. Zo maak je kennis met de leefwereld van onze producenten die dagelijks het beste van zichzelf geven om jouw favoriete fairtradeproduct die pure smaak te geven.

"Boost your energy with this slightly sourish dried mango."
"Olá! I’m Carlos and I hope you will enjoy these delicious organic sour gummies "
"Hi! I’m Devota. I’d like you to discover this delicious African blend."
"Hi! I’m Dorcas and I hope you enjoy this organic Highland coffee."
"Morning flavour from Kagera"
"Hola! I am Eduardo. Enjoy this tasty tropical juice."
"Olá! I’m Filipe. I picked these juicy oranges for your organic sweet gummy bears"
"Olá! I am Gabriel and I am sure you will enjoy this organic orange-mango juice."
"Hola! My name is Graciela and I selected these juicy oranges for you."
"Hola! I’m Gumucio. Me and my family made this fine mocca coffee especially for you."
"Hi! I’m Hashiri Katakweba and I hope you enjoy this organic Highland coffee."
"Hola! I’m Isidro and I hope you enjoy these organic Highland coffee pads."
"Get your everyday fruit kick with this dried pineapple."
"Hola! My name is Jorge. These grapefruits make you a refreshing drink."
"We are proud to be growing quality coffee and fair trade has made me economically independent. Try it! Josephine"
"I’ve selected these organic beans especially for you! Thanks to this shade-grown coffee we can protect the forest."
"Fair trade cane sugar makes our lives sweeter. "
"Hola! I’m Marnia. Do make a cup with these gentle organic decaf coffee pads."
"Hola! I’m Martha and I’d like to make your day with the finest dessert coffee. "
"Hola! I’m Miguel. Do make a cup with this gentle organic decaf coffee."
"!Hola! Sweeten your day with these cane sugar cubes"
"Hola! I am Ramón and I’d like you to discover this delicious Worldshake juice. "
"Discover the sweet taste of our exceptional cane sugar mascobado. "
"Bonjour! I’m Rosiane and together with my family I present you this delicious espresso coffee."
"I’m happy to sell you my coffee! I get a good price and as a result you get gourmet coffee from the cradle of coffee."
"Rice with a salty kick. Heals your mind and body. Sri"
"Hi! I’m glad you’ve chosen our coffee! Oxfam Fairtrade makes sure I earn my living by paying for quality and sustainability. Teferi"
"These raisins are a natural source of energy."